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If you are a buyer of Southwest Florida Real Estate and have been looking at condos or homes for sale on your own - This is for you. Now might be the right time to choose one of our real estate professionals. Our realtors know all about Southwest Florida real estate and can show you a selection of gorgeous Southwest Florida properties.

Information on Southwest Florida

The Fort Myers area is popular among young families and retirees alike, so you can benefit from relocating to this area at any stage of your life. When purchasing a home in SW Florida in the near future, you should consider taking advantage of our services. Our experienced realtors present numerous condos for sale at any given time. Therefore, you should easily be able to tour a variety of SW Florida homes until you find one that is right for you. Many of the properties we have available offer enviable amenities and exceptional locations. Don’t hesitate to set-up an appointment with one of our specialists today!  Buyers learn more at Southwest Florida Real Estate Buyers

Why do you need an expert to purchase a new construction home or condo? We are here to help buyers get the best deal.

Before visiting a new community sales center, you should know that:

New communities salespersons represent the builder not you.
New communities salespersons know their product, but not necessary competitor's products.
New communities salespersons have the intention of pushing you to add optional equipment or materials, maybe not in the best interest of a future resale.
New community salespersons are interested in the sale of one of their builder's product; they will not provide any advice to you if you decide to put the property on the market in the future.
That's why you should be represented by a Realtor before going to a new community sales center or to a builder:

  • Your Realtor is paid by the builder not you! Your Realtor knows not only all new communities but also the resale market, He/She can advise you on which upgrades could potentially add value to the home when it comes time to re-sell.
  • Assisted by a Realtor, you have more power on the builder or developer at the negotiating table because they know we can take you elsewhere.
  • As a Realtor, We have the duties to deal honestly and fairly with you, loyalty, confidentiality, obedience and full disclosure at no cost to you!
  • As a Realtor, our relation with our customers doesn't stop after the sale.  We will continue to follow-up with you and will be ready to bring my professional advice if you need or want to re-sell the property.

We are buyers experts in the Southwest Florida Market