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Business Licenses:Utilities:
Georgetown City(843) 545-4030Time Warner Cable(843) 913-7941
Horry County(843) 915-5620HTC Cablevision(843) 365-2154
Myrtle Beach City(843) 918-1200Carolina Power & Light(843) 452-2777
N. Myrtle Beach City(843) 280-5560City of Georgetown Elec.(843) 545-4000
Surfside Beach Town Hall(843) 913-6111Horry Electric Cooperative(843) 369-2211
Santee Cooper Electric(843) 448-2411
Driver’s License:SC Electric & Gas(843) 546-3541
SC Dept of Public Safety(800) 442-1368HTC Telephone(843) 365-2154
Conway Office(843) 365-4781Verizon Telephone(843) 483-1000
Georgetown Office(843) 527-8730Waste Management(843) 397-7670
Myrtle Beach Office(843) 448-6700Waste Industries(843) 397-5586
N. Myrtle Beach Office(843) 399-5567City of Conway (water)(843) 248-1780
City of Georgetown (water)(843) 545-4000
Schools:City of Myrtle Beach (water)(843) 918-2000
Georgetown County Board of Education(843) 546-2562Georgetown County (water)(843) 546-4000
Horry County Board of Education(843) 488-6700Grand Strand (water)(843) 347-4641
Rural Community (water)(843) 546-9003
Federal Income Tax(800) 829-1040
SC State Income Tax(803) 898-5000
Horry County Tax(843) 915-5040
Georgetown County Tax(843) 898-5000